LED strip lights

LED strip lights

From time immemorial to the present day, the first and easiest way to decorate the space has been to use string lights. Decorations have always taken on an attractive color and glaze with lighting, and strips have become more modern over time and have moved away from those old designs. Today, with LED strips products, we can decorate most of the space for celebrations.

Decorative LED strip is a long Tape in which small LED chips are placed at specific intervals. The tapes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions but are narrow enough to be used in all environments.

In the past, strips  were in the form of lamps and large lamps that were used to decorate ceremonies and passages and With the advancement of technology and the advent of LEDs, manufacturers also tended to produce and supply LED strips.

strip can be categorized based on the type of manufacturing technology, appearance and even the type of application. If we want to classify the strip according to the type of lamp technology, it is classified into two categories: lamp (filament) and LED strip. In the meantime, the LED strip itself is classified into several different types in terms of appearance.

strips are used as lighting and illumination decorations, which have different models that can be used in different places and situations. For example, they can be used on Dropped ceilings, lighting stairs, at the edge of gardens, under cabinets and around doors, and so on.


:LED string  is divided into two general groups, which are

Hose strip

Tape strip

Most SMD LED strips on the market are available with titles  3014, 5050, 5730 and… In fact, these numbers indicate the size of the LED chip. A LED chip is a semiconductor or light source with one end connected to the positive pole and the other end to the negative pole.

:3014 hose strip

  The characteristics of 3014 hose strip include flexible material, clear light, low power consumption, easy installation without the need for transformers and the ability to cut to .the desired amount. SMD 3014 hose strip  is used for concealed lighting. 

:5050 hose strip

This type of strip creates a stunning transparency and creates a significant beauty in the environment. The amount of electricity consumed in these strip is low. Used for hidden lighting in restaurants, halls and outdoors. These strips are resistant to rain, snow and dust.

:Hose strip 5730

This type of strip is used indoors and outdoors and due to their smaller size can be installed in different areas. They can be used in workplaces, pavilions and summer homes. TakTab strips are of this type that will be offered in two lines and in different colors of sun, moon, mango, purple and blue.


:Tape strip

These strips contain self-adhesive tape that the LEDs are assembled at regular intervals on a linear aluminum substrate. After installation and connection to the power supply, the entire length of the LED strip is lit, and the light expands linearly. Flexibility, the possibility of separation and cutting, creating different shapes and high exposure in low volume are the prominent features of this example of LED lamps. In addition to indoor environments, LED filaments are also widely used in outdoor environments such as facade lighting and garden and yard lighting.


:Advantages of LED strips

  • The length of this type of light filament can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Due to their flexibility, LED strips can be easily installed in even impossible spaces.
  • The color, shape, size and light power of this type of LED can be selected using the remote control depending on the type of function and decoration needs.
  • LED wires are weather resistant, so you can use them in humid weather and outdoors.
  • These types of lights produce more light per watt than other lights and consume less electricity than them.
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