15 watt bulb lamp


  • 15 watt bulb lamp
  • E27 aluminum cap
  • Radiation angle 180 degrees
  • 1400 lumens
  • Simple and elegant design
  • SMD technology


Introducing 15 watt bulb lamp:

With the entry of LED lamps into the industrial market, Incandescent lamps have lost their place. 15w bulb lamp have many advantages that have made them popular. These lamps consume very little power and their energy is less wasted, which makes them more efficient and produce less heat. 15 watt lamps of taktab  with this low consumption have a lot of light and the amount of light produced by it is 1400 lumens (lumen is a unit of light measurement that is equal to the amount of light emitted uniformly by a source). 15 watt bulb lamp has dimensions of 134 * 70 mm and ordinary E27 aluminum base is used.

price 15w bulb lamp

The 15w bulb lamp of Tak Tab Company are in the A + energy category, and the closer this rank is to the letters A or the same color green, the more desirable the performance, considering that the green color indicates purity and low consumption. And the efficiency of the lamp is high. LED Light bubls are without side effects and do not have any ultraviolet and infrared rays that threaten human health.

beam angle in this lamps is 180 degrees, The angle of radiation in LED lamps is the angle between two hypothetical lines that are considered in the plane passing through the axis of the light beam, which passes through points where the light intensity is 50% of the light intensity in the axis of the beam. If two lamps with the same luminous flux have different angles of irradiation, the light emitted from the lamp with a lower irradiance angle will be brighter than the light emitted from a lamp with a higher irradiation angle.

These lamps can be used for home use, business premises, offices, hotels and halls, as well as for lighting in decorations. They have 15,000 hours of safe life and an 18-month warranty, and they are quick and easy to install. To have high heat dissipation, these lamps use SMD technology, also its body material is polycarbonate and its bulb material is unbreakable and very durable plastic.

price 15w bulb lamp

Advantages of SMD lamp:

  • The SMD lamp emits light evenly, so the light produced by this lamp is not glare.
  • These lamps generate little heat and also have a small volume.

Frequent switching on or off the SMD lamp does not shorten the life and damage the lamp.

  • The speed of illumination and reaching the maximum brightness in the SMD lamp is in a fraction of a second, which is much less than other lamps.
  • The amount of light in most lamps decreases after a while, but this does not happen in all LED lamps, especially SMD lamps.

price 15w bulb lamp

Terms of use of these lamps:

– Can be used in cold, dry and wet environments.

– Do not place this product near flammable objects such as paper or cloth.

– Do not use in places with the possibility of water spill or at very high temperatures.

– Avoid hand contact with the product when it is on or shortly after turning off due to high heat.


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Additional information

  • تک تاب
Product ID
  • TW15
  • 15W
Beam angle
  • 180 درجه
  • (CRI)RA>80
Input current
  • 100MA
Failure fraction rate
  • L70,F50
ِِDisplacement factor
  • 0.95
Base type
  • E27
Luminous flux
  • 1400LM
Daylight photometric code
  • 865/7+7+7
Operating temperature range
  • -10~+40c
Nominal voltage and frequency
  • 220V~240V-50-Hz
Rate lamp lite
  • 15000Hrs
Power factor
  • 0.5PF
maintance Luminous flux
  • 7
Luminous Efficacy
  • 90LM
Nominal color
  • F3000
  • F6500
Warmlight photometric code
  • 830/7+7+7
Energy rating
  • A+
  • 70*130 mm


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