20 watt bulb lamp

  • 20 watt bulb lamp
  • E27 aluminum cap
  • Beam angle 180 degrees
  • Luminous flux 1800 lumens
  • Simple and elegant design
  • SMD technology


شناسه محصول: TW20

Introducing 20 watt bulb lamp:

We have all heard of LED bulbs and we know that these bulbs are excellent in terms of power consumption and longevity. But which product should we choose from the types of LED lamps that have different brands and even different types ?! And which lamp specifications should we pay attention to to meet our needs ?! It is necessary to know a series of information about lamps when buying. Tak Tab Company is one of the companies producing LED lamps that pays great attention to the quality of products. One of these products is a 20-watt bulb lamp that uses SMD technology. SMD technology chips are designed to be mounted on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).


Features of 20 watt bulb lamp:

Lamps can be measured by their power and is a unit of wattage, watts are used to measure the amount of energy required by a light source, the higher the wattage of the lamp the more bright it will be and on average a 20 watt light bulb to light 15 square meters is suitable. The amount of light produced by a lamp is measured with a unit called the luminous flux, and the higher the lumen of a lamp, the greater the “brightness” of the lamp.

According to national standards, each lamp must have a minimum lumen to receive the A + energy label. Tak Tab 20 watt bulb lamp has a standard luminous flux of 1800 lumens, which is in the A + energy category. In terms of production of toxic gases and pollutants, the company’s lamps are completely safe and harmless and do not cause any problems for the environment.

Another feature of Tak Tab lamps is their simple and elegant shape and their use in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, etc. 20 watt bulb lamps are produced in the dimensions of 148 x 80 mm and the body of this lamp is made of polycarbonate and aluminum, which makes it an excellent heat transmitter, and because the bubble is plastic Resists against impact and breakage.


The 20-watt bulb lamp of Tak Tab Company is marketed in two colors: warm white (3000 K) and day light (6400 K). The numbers in parentheses are color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin, expressing the brightness and color of light. Color temperature above 4,000 degrees Kelvin is considered as cold light and color temperature below 3000 degrees Kelvin is considered as warm light. The angle of radiation in LED lamps is the angle between two hypothetical lines that are considered in the plane passing through the axis of the light beam, which passes through points where the light intensity is 50% of the light intensity in the axis of the beam, which is the angle in the lamp. In bulb lamps are 180 degrees. If two lamps with the same luminous flux have different beam angles, the light emitted from the lamp with a lower angle of illumination will be brighter than the light emitted from a lamp with a higher beam angle.


Terms of use of these lamps:

– Can be used in cold, dry and wet environments.

– Do not place this product near flammable objects such as paper or cloth.

– Do not use in places with the possibility of water spill or at very high temperatures.

– Avoid hand contact with the product when it is on or shortly after turning off due to high heat.


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اطلاعات بیشتر

شرکت تولید کننده
شناسه محصول
  • TW20
زاویه تابش
  • 180 Degree
شاخص نمود رنگ
  • (CRI)RA>80
جریان ورودی
  • 150MA
حفظ شار نوری و درصد خرابی
  • L70,F50
ضریب جابه جایی
  • 0.95
نوع سرپیچ
  • E27
شار نوری
  • 1800LM
کد نورسنجی مهتاب
  • 865/7+7+7
محدوده دمای کارکرد
  • -10~+40c
ولتاژ و فرکانس اسمی
  • 220V~240V-50-Hz
طول عمر اسمی
  • 15000Hrs
ضریب توان
  • 0.5PF
کد حفظ شار نوری
  • 7
بهره نوری
  • 90LM
رنگ اسمی
  • F3000
  • F6500
کد نورسنجی آفتاب
  • 830/7+7+7
رتبه انرژی
  • A+
  • 80*148mm

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